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SULTANchic Furniture:

SULTANchic scours the globe for rare vintage furniture of unusual shape and form. We look for the hidden potential in overlooked pieces. Once acquired, the furniture is refinished and reimagined for a contemporary look. No detail is spared and we consider the transformed pieces couture fashion furniture for the home. Grab these one of a kind treasures for your design projects!



SULTANchic: An Artisan Workshop:


This branch of SULTANchic was founded by artist Albert Leon Sultan after many years of hands on experience in Decorative and Fine Arts. High profile corporate clients have included BARNEYS, Ralph Lauren, Tiffanys, as well as various fashion houses and Broadway producers. SULTANchic’s goal is to provide a one stop resource for Homeowners, Designers, Hotels, Restaurants, and Nightclubs, to carry out their artisan finishing needs. Each client and project requires a large range of unique creative skills. SULTANchic hands on experience allows for seamless execution of your design vision. Projects have included decorative painting/plastering, stenciling, upholstery, as well as metal leafing. This site showcases the scope of Sultan's work for over fifteen years. We hope that you will now have the confidence to embark on the various decorative arts projects you have imagined. Please feel free to contact SULTANchic with your specific needs. For larger projects SULTANchic is able to field teams of artisans worldwide. We take great pleasure in providing the finishing touches essential to good design. SULTANchic takes your vision and leaves your home, office, or establishment more complete.

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