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odalisque, odalisk [ˈəʊdəlɪsk] a female slave or concubine [via French, changed from Turkish ōdalik, from ōdah room + -lik n suffix]


Not your Grandmas sofa!!! This one of a kind Victorian sofa is very un-Victorian in its sensibilities. In a nod to tradition "La Odalisque" as this sofa is called, refrences classic artistic works produced by such luminaries as Rubens, Ingres, Manet, Matisse, and Renoir etc. This pieces is striking in its detail and workmanship. Down cushions, Black snakeskin vinyl, linen striping, and a graphic 60s vintage fabric depicting female nudes are artfully combined to create this edgey twist on a sturdy black laquered Victorian frame.


Overall Dimensions 36" H X 78" W X 36" D

Seat Depth 22"


Victorian La Odelisque Black and White Couch

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